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UK sets up a cyber-Dad’s Army

by on04 December 2012

Cyber Reserve to tackle computer crime

The UK government is setting up a cyber-version of the Home Guard, which was popularised in a British comedy Dad’s Army. In the iconic 1970s television series, a group of mis-fits who were too old or sick to join the army formed a Home Guard to see off the Germans during the Second World War.

The UK’s "Cyber Reserve" force is supposed to deal with security threats posed by computer crime and it will be run by the Ministry of Defence. Minister Francis Maude said help was needed with "critical" work in combating online crime. Maude said 93 per cent of large corporations and 76 per cent of small businesses had reported a cyber breach in the past year.

The government was looking to "move towards the establishment of a UK National CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)" similar to that which operates in the US. Maude said that working with the private sector to improve awareness of the need for better cyber security continues to be a priority.

And they “don’t like it up em,” he did not say.

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