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Nokia is not planning an Android phone

by on03 December 2012

Hacks jump to conclusions

A rather outlandish rumour started making its rounds around tech sites over the weekend and like all silly rumours it’s been debunked. The rumour focused on a recent Nokia job advertisement, in which the Finnish company said it is looking for a software engineer for “Embedded Linux Middleware,” in other words – Android.

It did not take long for the LinkedIn vacancy to create feeding frenzy in some circles, prompting many tech hacks, even some at reputable sites, to proclaim that Nokia is working on an Android phone.

In the end, Nokia was forced to respond and kill the daft rumour. On Sunday, a company rep tweeted that the job listing is linked to Maps support for other platforms, nothing more.

Why anyone actually thought that there was anything more to it is rather puzzling. Was it wishful thinking, sensationalism, ignorance or a all of the above?

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