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Killer ramps up support on Facebook

by on14 May 2008


Says a one armed man did it

killer and drug dealer, Carl Williams, is trying to gather support for his appeal, or should we say appeals, online. His wife, Roberta, has created a Facebook profile for the love of her life who is currently serving a 35-year sentence in an Aussie prison.

As the jailbird has no Internet access, his wife prints out messages she finds interesting and forwards them to the prison. She commented on one of his pictures, saying: "Carl looks pretty silly in Underbelly, don't you think? Of course he does, they aren't allowed to let you like him. Distorted depictions of people are what sells newspapers and TV advertising time."

Lady, we don't need the media to make us not like a drug dealer convicted of three homicides. On another note, this just confirms what my Facebook-loving friends and colleagues say about Facebook: you really can meet some rather interesting people there.

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Last modified on 14 May 2008
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