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Britons turn back the clouds

by on28 November 2012

Amazon and Google have no place here

Famous for its rain, the UK has decided that it does not want any clouds which come from Google or Amazon.

Both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google applied to be a part of the UK government’s G-Cloud platform, but were told to go forth and multiply. According to TechWeekEurope the pair were shunned from the UK government's G-Cloud project.

Under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request lodged by TechWeekEurope with the Cabinet Office, information has appeared that Amazon and Google were not even close.

Amazon missed out on the first round in April because the government was worried that it would not be able to audit US data centres. There is no information why Google did not get into the running. One theory is that their cloud infrastructure was not “ready” for government use.

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Last modified on 28 November 2012
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