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Qualcomm talks up NFC

by on28 November 2012

Upgrades NFC Forum membership

Qualcomm has upgraded its membership in the NFC Forum, which we are told is an association tasked with promoting NFC tech. The chipmaker will now have a seat on the NFC Forum Board of Directors and it will continue contributing to various technical committees in the forum.

Qualcomm VP of product management David Favreau said the company is looking forward to taking a bigger role in the organization.

"We firmly believe that NFC technology drives seamless user experiences in the mobile, computing and consumer electronics markets,“ he said.

NFC has been around for a couple of years, but despite the fact that Google and the majority of Android vendors are behind it, it’s been slow to take off. Apple chose not to include NFC in its products, but there’s already talk of an NFC enabled iPhone 5S. If Cupertino jumps on the NFC bandwagon, we should see much faster adoption in years to come.

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