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Apple fanboy turned over his house to Apple gear

by on27 November 2012

Spent a fortune

An Apple fanboy is so obsessed with Jobs' Mob gear, he spent $80,000 to give the company total control of his life.

Suitable case for treatment Savan Kotecha handed over control of his lights, heat, door locks, and other systems. Theoretically he can control it all through his iPad. Of course since he does not have control of his iPad, Apple does, he is putting a lot of trust in the company,

Needless to say the Apple addict is not short of a bob or two, his house is 2,400 sq. ft. home in West Hollywood. He made his money on "The X Factor" so he is used to inflicting atrocities and generally lowering the standard of the world. He uses home-automation company Crestron's iPad app and in the future he also wants automated blinds in the nursery and automated awnings in the backyard for shade.

He could have probably had the same level of computer monitoring for about $1,000 on a PC, but it would not have had the Apple logo on it.

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