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CM Storm Ceres 400 headset reviewed

by on13 December 2012


In case weight is an important consideration, the Ceres 400 looks like a good choice. Although CM Storm markets the Ceres 400 as an ultra-portable gaming headset, but it is rather bulky and cannot be folded. Still, it is a lot more compact that Sonuz or Sirius handsets and it is lighter. Besides, we see much clumsier headphones being used on a daily basis. We used the Sonuz 400 on and off for about a month and we can report that we did not experience any issues with materials or build quality. It is also rather comfortable and can be used for hours on end.

The Ceres 400 is a stereo unit, audit quality is good, with ample bass and loudness for gaming and music. Unlike the Sonuz, Ceres 400 has no removable mic, which is a shame since we thought they would’ve looked more presentable than the former when without the mic. On the upside, wearing a headset with a non-removable mic doesn’t make you look like you are at the UN or on a war crimes trial. The bendy microphone housing can be adjusted, but it’s not perfect as it tends to flex back to its original position, so it needs readjustment on a regular basis. It’s a minor issue and most users shouldn’t have trouble with it.

CM Storm Ceres 400 is most affordable gaming headset in CM Storm portfolio. It’s listed at 32 euro, but it’s only available for about 40 euro. If we compare it to the more advanced and more expensive Sonuz and Sirus headsets, we will that it lacks some features. However, but the build quality, design and sound quality are still good at the Ceres 400 is a good choice if you prefer low weight over bells and whistles.

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Last modified on 13 December 2012
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