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Apple TV not coming anytime soon

by on21 November 2012

November 2013, analyst reckons

For all intents and purposes, Smart TVs are still vaporware, in spite of some efforts on the part of consumer electronics giants LG, Samsung and Sony.

Proper Apple and Google smart TVs were expected to show up this year, but they are still nowhere to be found. Apple guru Gene Munster now says that Apple will not launch its smart TV for at least a year. Munster originally expected the set to appear in early 2013, but now he is saying that it will probably come out in November 2013.

Munster has a pretty good track record when it comes to all things Apple, so his projections tend to carry a lot of weight.

As for Google, well there is still not much talk about Android TVs either. Of course, Google is taking a different approach and it should allow its reference platform to be used by numerous vendors.

However, a lot can happen in a year. We are already seeing some interesting Android-based boxes that can transform old sets into smart TVs at a fraction of the cost. Mind you, this approach does have some advantages. It’s cheap, it allows consumers to hold on to their old TVs, or to easily upgrade when a new platform becomes available.

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