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Windows 8 exploited by Google doc hack

by on19 November 2012

New hack out there

A new Trojan variant, dubbed Backdoor.Makadocs has been discovered that not only adds a clause to target Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

The malware, which is spread via RTF and Microsoft Word document marked as Trojan.Dropper, uses Google Docs as a proxy server to phone home to its Command & Control (C&C) server. According to Symantec the threat has been updated by the malware author to include the Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 references.

But what is odd about the malware is that it uses Google Docs. Backdoor.Makadocs gathers information from the compromised computer (such as host name and OS type) and then receives and executes commands from a C&C server to do further damage. By using Google Docs the malware writers have made sure that they have set up a good communication system with the malware. Lots of companies allow Google Docs access through their firewalls.

Google Docs includes a “viewer” function that retrieves resources of another URL and displays it, allowing the user to view a variety of file types in the browser. Backdoor.Makadocs uses this function to access its C&C server, likely in the hopes of preventing the link to the C&C from being discovered since Google Docs encrypts its connection over HTTPS.

Needless to say Google is furious and said that it will take action to kill it.

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