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Playstation 3 sales pass 70 million

by on16 November 2012

But what about the next generation?

Sony is proudly announcing another Playstation 3 milestone. The outfit has managed to sell 70 million units over the past six years. Interestingly, Sony also claims that it sold upwards of 15 million PlayStation Move controllers to date.

Sony unveiled the PS3 six years ago and back in 2006 it was way ahead of its time, with 1080p support and Blu-ray to boot. In fact, it does not sound too outdated even by today’s standards.

However, the good old PS3 is ageing and Nintendo’s Wii U should give it a run for its money. However, it is still unclear when Sony plans to introduce the fourth-generation PS3. The economic crisis forced Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to revise their upgrade plans, so the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii ended up in service a lot longer than initially expected.

However, even when we get to see the next-gen Playstation, the Playstation 3 will probably remain on store shelves for years to come.

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