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EA’s Gothenburg studio gets a name

by on15 November 2012

Will be called Ghost Games going forward

The new Electronic Arts studio in Gothenburg (which was opened last year to work on the development of new games using the Frostbite 2 engine) is going to get a name, rather than just being known as EA Gothenburg. Going forward, the studio will be called Ghost Games.

The studio, which is being led by former DICE producer Marcus Nilsson, has yet to announce its first official project. What we do know is that Ghost Games is working with Alex Ward from Criterion on Need for Speed stuff; and while it was first thought that this might be a new game, we are now not so sure.

Sources tell us that we should hear what Ghost Games is specifically working on in an announcement that is apparently being targeted for E3 next year, if the rumors we are hearing are accurate.

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