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Nintendo to focus on keeping Wii U in stock

by on15 November 2012

More consoles for sale than first thought

Sources tell us that Nintendo is exceeding production targets for the Wii U, and there will apparently be more consoles available at launch than Nintendo had projected. In addition, the company is apparently prepared to replenish supplies of the console more quickly in order to take advantage of buyers eager to snap up the new console.

While we know that inventories of the console are still going to be tight, Nintendo is going to do what it can to move consoles this holiday season. To that end, it is believed that Nintendo does not want a repeat of the shortages that consumers saw with the Wii. The company is said to already be figuring out the second distribution of consoles once the first wave is completely sold out.

While we don’t know what kind of numbers this translates into, we do know that it is still going to be difficult to get one; and despite the positive news that there is apparently more inventory than expected coming, it is hard to say what that will translate into for the consumer. We would not get too excited, and your best chance to get one is to still pre-order, if possible, from what our retail contacts tell us.  However, we would not count on having it to put under your tree this year.

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