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Mega sets up in New Zealand

by on13 November 2012

Would need legislation to shut it down

Kim Dotcom has said that his latest incarnation of Megaupload will set up shop in New Zealand. Dotcom  said successor Mega, which is reportedly launching on January 20, 2013, will be operating through a new domain name

Dotcom thinks that the site will be powered by legality and protected by Kiwi law. Dotcom has said that the new service will be a lot safer and that users’ data will be encrypted.  Users will hold the keys to what you store in the cloud, not the company. Dotcom said that in New Zealand the judiciary actually works. Judges are independent and not influenced by politics.

“Prime Minister John Key can have as many dinners with Hollywood executives and copyright lobbyists as he likes. The simple fact is that the NZ government, which has been acting like a subsidiary of the US government, is not above the law,” he said.

If the New Zealand government goes about trying to ban Mega or other similar service through a new legislation, cloud storage would near its extinction. That would also finish the government, he somewhat optimistically said.

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