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Transformer Infinity Pad TF700T gets an update

by on09 November 2012

Download and flash if you dare

No, unfortunately it is not a 4.2 update, it will take at least few more weeks to see this update, but Asus has prepared something new for the update junkies.

The update at this time is not available as an OTA update, but you can download it from the Asus website and install it. There are five different files the one that covers Chinese version of the tablet, one for Japanese version, one for Taiwan, the one for US customers and finally the one that covers the rest of the world.

They range between 437MB and 467MB in size, depending on territory, and Asus wants and begs you to check the version prior to installing.
Under settings, tablet and build number, you should be able to see the build numberWW_epad 10.X.X.X_2012xxxx where WW represents the world wide version, US is Obama 2.0 land, JP is Japan, CN is the Glorious People’s Republic of China and TW is the Republic of China, or Taiwan.
The update is called and the lengthy changelog includes fine tuning of Wifi Direct connection behavior, in fixes the issues with certain aspect ratio and picture size with camera, fixes the issue with HDMI output, improves Bluetooth compatibility, sound recorder, app backup, browser and a few third-party apps.  

With some luck you should be getting OTA update soon. Android 4.2 is still in imagination land for your beloved 1920x1080 Transformer.

The update can be downloaded here

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