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Qualcomm, Globalfoundries move up in semi sales ranking

by on08 November 2012

AMD, Samsung, Toshiba on the defensive

Qualcomm and Globalfoundries are making a killing. Both outfits have made significant gains over the past year, helping them move up on IC Insights list of top 20 chipmakers.

Qualcomm jumped to fourth place, overtaking Texas Instruments, Toshiba and Renesas with 30 percent annual growth. GloFo ranked 15, up from 21, with a 31 percent gain. TSMC also did well and stayed in third spot with a 17 percent gain.

AMD, ST, Toshiba and Freescale experienced double digit dips. Intel saw its shipments shrink by one percent, but still reigns supreme. Samsung ranked second, but also saw a 9-percent dip. Broadcom and Nvidia did rather well, with 8 and 9 percent gains respectively.

Due to economic woes, IC Insights estimates that total chip sales will be down 2 percent in 2012. At this point there is no reason to believe 2013 will be much better.

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