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Religious hackers take out gambling site

by on30 October 2012

Replace it with verses from the Koran

Hackers have attacked the French Euromillions lottery website, posting a passage from the Koran. The hackers posted a warning people to stop gambling and drinking alcohol in both Arabic and French, with “wine” and “games of chance” described as the “work of the devil”.

The group calls itself the “Morrocanghosts” and the attack said that drinking and gambling would “sow hatred between yourselves and turn you away from God and prayer”. Given a choice between wine and god, the French would probably tell the almighty to bugger off, so this particular hack is not going to go down well.

Euromillions lottery operator La Francaise des jeux (FDJ) reassured customers that no personal data had been affected in the attack, which they said had not touched any of their other games. The attempt to put Islamic values on France is so bizarre that there are suspicions that Morrocanghosts is actually an attempt by the French Right to stir up a hate campaign against Muslims in the country.  

The French Right is convinced that allowing too many Muslims into the country is forcing culture changes in a nation which is not renown for its adaptability in such matters. A hack attack which pretends to come from Muslims, who want to stop French drinking and gambling, falls too closely to the Right Wing agenda to be a coincidence.

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