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Samsung, HTC getting to Android 4.1 while Google is on 4.2

by on30 October 2012

The chase continues

Google is sending a clear message with the latest Android 4.2 announcement. If you want the latest updates, get a Nexus phone and spare yourself the frustration of waiting for an update.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III just got the Android 4.1.1 update in most of the territories, while Galaxy Note 2 got 4.1.1 out of the box. HTC is slowly getting Android 4.1.1 on its HTX One X and as far as we remember HTC did promise to have Jelly Bean in October. Well, they have one more day to keep the promise, with little hope that all will get Jelly bean Android 4.1.1 on their phones in time. 

Nexus 7 got the 4.1.2 update while in less than two weeks, along with the Nexus S. It is expected that we will see Android 4.2 on the Nexus 4, as well as Nexus 7 and 10 tablets.

Samsung, HTC and the rest of the Android crowd won’t be able to deliver this update for months, leaving consumers who spent a lot of money on their phones without a cool new OS. Android vendors are a generation behind, some even two.

This looks like part of a power play directed by Google, as the company definitely wants to take more and more control and profits out of the Android sales. It’s a trend, every software company, particularly Google and Microsoft are trying to emulate Apple.

With some luck one Microsoft or Google will land Scott Forstall to get manage their mobile software better. We don’t know if John Browett, the guy who was fired for retail missteps, is a good catch, but it’s definitely better than anyone running Microsoft’s virtually non-existent stores.

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