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AMD to make major strategy announcement next week

by on25 October 2012

Complete with mystery guest

Top AMD execs will host a news conference next week to shed more light on AMD’s ambidextrous strategy. We are looking forward to it, as we are still sort of puzzled by the new approach.

The ambidextrous strategy envisions new system-on-chip designs based on AMD’s in-house architectures combined with solutions designed by third parties, namely ARM. However, this doesn’t mean AMD will announce plans to design a proper ARM SoC. AMD also invited a “mystery guest” to the event, possibly a strategic partner, reports Xbit.

The company plans to integrate ARM’s Cortex A5 core into some mobile SoC designs in order to provide ARM-designed security features. However, there’s still talk of an AMD-designed ARM chip, although it is mostly speculation.

Having said that, who wouldn’t like to see an AMD ARM chip? Having the AMD – Nvidia rivalry extend to mobile chips would be pretty fun, but don’t count on it just yet.

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