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Microsoft is betting the farm on Kinect

by on24 October 2012

Who needs touch anyway

Technology review has uncovered that the denizens of Microsoft are knocking together a cunning plan which will replace touch screens with Kinect. A programme called Kinect for Windows, which aims to put the arm waving technology wherever Microsoft's ubiquitous operating system is found.

Peter Zatloukal, head of engineering for the Kinect for Windows programme was quoted as saying that Microsoft wanted  developers to create a whole new class of app controlled by gesture and voice. They have been doing so since Kinect came out but if Microsoft's plan comes off Kinect could be the replacement for touch. Zatloukal said it is all part of the evolution of computers that started with keyboards, then the mouse and GUIs. He said that the progression will now be to voice and gesture. Health care, manufacturing, and education are markets where Zatloukal expects to see Kinect for Windows do well.

This is because a conventional keyboard, mouse, or touch screen can be difficult to use in classrooms and hospital wards, or on factory floors. Kinect for Windows equipment went on sale in February for $249 and is now available in 32 countries. But it is still short of killer applications.

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