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All-in-Ones for Q1 13 get Ivy Bridge for $399 and up

by on17 October 2012

In Celeron G1610 and G1610T flavors

We already mentioned the Celeron G1610, the replacement for current Sandy Bridge Celeron G555 parts here.

The new Ivy Bridge Celeron works at 2.6GHz, has 2MB of cache, two cores and two threads, all at 55W. The other available Celeron G1610 with 35W. It’s clocked at 2.3GHz and it features 2 MB cache. Both chips are launching in Q1 2013 and both of them are a good fit for All-in-one systems, at least this is what Intel tells its partners.

Intel thinks that an AIO system based on G1610 or G1610T, with H61 chipset and integrated graphics, 18- to 20- inch screen, 2GB DDR3 memory, 500GB hard drive, Windows 8, no touch screen and DVD RW should be selling for $399 to $499, depending on the configuration. All-in-ones don’t take up as much space as traditional PCs, so they are a good choice if office space is at a premium. Intel also underlines that if you have a single core Celeron, you can expect to see 83 percent faster performance in creating memory from digital camera Intel internal test, compared to a new dual Core Ivy Bridge Celeron G1610. It is possible to see up to 77 percent difference when you prepare music of videos for mobile player again single core vs. dual core new Celeron.

If you want to spend even less money on your Intel AIO, the Atom D2550 becomes an option as it will sell for $299 to $399 depending on configuration. Such machine comes with NM10 chipset, 2GB memory, 18.5 inch screen, 250GB hard drive, no touch, DVD ROM and Windows 7 starter or Linux of some kind. This should be enough for instant messaging, email, browsing and content consumption. We can add that such Atom machine will also play HD content just fine and will satisfy needs of undemanding consumers.

As a reminder, Intel doesn’t plan to refresh Atoms in desktop space for a few quarters so D2550 is your best and fastest Atom option for a while.

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