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TorrentSpy loses $110 million

by on08 May 2008


To Hollywood Studios


It's been a two-year battle, but a California federal judge found TorrentSpy guilty for infringing the copyright of numerous movies and TV shows through their search engine. TorrentSpy now has to pay $30K per copyright violation, and since there are 3,699 of them – that amounts to $110,970,000.

TorrentSpy was originally sued in February 2006, but last December, a federal judge agreed that TorrentSpy had destroyed evidence that would make a fair trial possible.

TorrentSpy's attorney, Ira Rothken, called the ruling "draconian in nature and unfair." He doesn't believe that data was destroyed on purpose, but he also said that actions were taken to protect the privacy of TorrentSpy users.

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Last modified on 08 May 2008
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