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Samsung chip designer jumps ship, joins Apple

by on12 October 2012

Another Phone War defection

Samsung chip designer Jim Mergard has braved the rain, crawled through countless minefields and border patrols to cross the 38th Parallel and join the Democratic People’s Republic of Apple.

Mergard originally joined Samsung last year, after spending 16 years at various jobs at AMD. He joins former AMD chip designer John Bruno, who also joined Apple recently. However, AMD also managed to bag Apple chip architect Jim Keller earlier this year, so defections work both ways.

Apple is definitely looking to step up its game and the latest A6 processor is probably the best indication of how seriously Apple is starting to take chip design. The A6 is probably the fastest dual-core ARM architecture on the market and Apple spared no expense in designing it, even using manual layout instead of relying on automated design to squeeze out the last ounce of performance from the chip.

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