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Fox producing Bad Company TV show?

by on10 October 2012

Battlefield enters the entertainment world

How many times over the years have you said while playing Battlefield, “This would make a great TV show!”  Well, what might have been the unthinkable is now going to happen; Battlefield will be making the leap from the console and computer screen directly to the television screen. Yes, that’s right:  Fox is in production with a Battlefield: Bad Company TV show.

The show will be based on the Battlefield: Bad Company and while go under the title of just “Bad Company” when it makes its way on to screens. The show will follow the four characters, Marlow, Sweetwater, Haggard, and Redford as they leave the life of the military and head to the private sector.

While DICE has moved from Bad Company back to the core Battlefield title, all is not lost as a third installment is still possible, but not currently in development. The last we heard from the four misfits, they were in the Bahamas where they opened a beach bar.

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