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EA Gothenburg will develop NFS title

by on09 October 2012

Unannounced NFS title to be first project

With the opening of the new EA Gothenburg studio we have been told by our sources all along that this team would be working on the Need for Speed franchise as an extension of the head developers at Criteron. The latest job listings for the studio now confirm that this is the case.

While we don’t know which Need for Speed title that Gothenburg is working on, sources we have spoken with believe that it will use the Frostbite 2 engine; and it very well could be a title that is targeted as a sequel or replacement for Need for Speed: The Run, which didn’t do very well. It also isn’t a giant leap to think that it could be a next generation Need for Speed title that they are working on.

Gothenburg is made up of staff that has previously worked on a number of racing titles, including Forza, Forza Horizon, Need for Speed: The Run, Project Gotham Racing, and a number of Codemaster’s racing titles. Alex Ward from Criterion as we reported previously is working with the studio on the project.

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