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iOS to get the Crazy Taxi experience

by on09 October 2012

SEGA confirms release later this month

The Apple App Store will be seeing Crazy Taxi for iOS arrive later this month. The iOS version will run on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, SEGA has confirmed. The iOS version will apparently offer an HD version for those with iPad screens that can handle the additional resolution.

The decision to bring the arcade/Dreamcast classic to the iOS world is part of SEGA’s strategy to release more of its classic titles for the iOS as well as other Smart Phone and Tablet platforms. SEGA is looking to spread out its offerings from just the traditional console and PC offerings.

Sources tell us that SEGA is perhaps heading into more Android development, and that they are one of the studios that are seriously looking at the Ouya as a possibility for release of a number of its catalog titles for this platform. While no announcements have been made yet, we could see the publisher converting at least some titles for release on the Ouya (if they already have them running on Android, anyway) to test the waters. We will have to see how accurate that turns out to be.

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