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First 3rd Party Wii U launch title is delayed

by on09 October 2012

Rayman Legends will be a no-show till Q1 2013

News of the first Wii U launch title being delayed comes as Ubisoft has confirmed that Rayman Legends will not make its planned Wii U launch date. Instead, Rayman Legends will be delayed until Q1 2013. The delay comes as a bit of a surprise, as it looked like one of the Wii U titles that were far enough along that it would be ready for the Wii U launch. Rayman Legends in the short term was to be a Wii U exclusive, but with this delay this may perhaps change.  We don’t know that for sure yet.

According to Ubisoft, the decision to delay the title was not that hard to make, as they want to deliver a title that lives up to expectations and hopefully exceeds expectations. Ubisoft says that they will have more information to update us with at a later time.

According to our sources, the remaining Wii U launch titles will arrive on time for the Wii U as planned right now. ZombiU, Assassin’s Creed III, and Just Dance 4 are the remaining Wii U titles that Ubisoft has scheduled for release; and ZombiU and Assassin’s Creed III are two titles that Nintendo wants to see come out on time for the Wii U.

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