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HTC One X+ listed in Euroland

by on08 October 2012

16GB One X also appears

HTC’s new flagship One X+ is on its way to the European market and British consumers can already place their preorders for 470 pounds.

The price on the other side of the Channel is quite a bit higher and German retailers are listing the phone for €649. Some of them will accept preorders as well, but at this price we don’t see too many takers. It sounds like a hefty premium for a slight speed bump and 32B of storage. But who are we to preach, if you are interested you can check out the listings here.

In addition, we came across a few early listings for the One X 16GB and they go as high as €479. Basically the phone should end up about €40 cheaper than the 32GB version, which is readily available for about €450 across Europe. Provided prices stabilize, the 16GB version could be a very interesting alternative to the One S.

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