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Intel warns of California slide

by on05 October 2012

US could still win jobs

Big tech is starting to lose ground in the US state of California according to Intel CEO Paul Otellini.

Otellini said that Intel hasn't created a new job in California in 10 or 12 years and closed its last factory in the state about six years ago. He said that the state was one of the nicest pieces of real estate on the planet, and we're so close to screwing it up, it's pathetic.
Otellini said that the "magic of Silicon Valley" is the only thing that has kept the Golden State out of becoming like Greece.

But things could get better. He said that increasing talent costs in India and China have made hiring in the US more attractive. He said that the cost of hiring for those with four to six years of experience is the same in US compared to India-China. For first and second line managers, the cost exceeds that of the US, said Otellini.

However, we should take Otellini’s statements with a grain of salt due to his political leanings and his habit of making doom and gloom predictions about the economy in election years.

Last modified on 05 October 2012
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