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HTC One X+ has Qualcomm LTE

by on04 October 2012

Nvidia and Qualcomm in bed

The recently announced HTC One X+ is an upgraded version of the quite successful HTC One X with Tegra 3 and no LTE.

Since LTE means the world to the US market despite the fact that only a handful locations, namely big cities have good coverage, Nvidia and Qualcomm had to join forces to bring the LTE to a Tegra 3 phone.

This is how HTC One X+ with slightly faster CPU and Qualcomm LTE was born. It is rather interesting to learn that the Qualcomm chip is responsible for the fastest possible mobile internet, but at the same time since Apple is using it, it doesn’t look that there is much of a choice today. At some point next year both Nvidia and Intel will have its own LTE chips.

Another solution for Nvidia includes the Icera 410 LTE chipset and this chip could get integrated with Tegra 3 and future Tegras, but it is not a high-end LTE chip. Nvidia is probably working on an unannounced Icera with a high end LTE feature set and speeds, but it is not ready to talk about it.

Qualcomm makes the best out of LTE as everyone who wants a US LTE capable phone goes to them. They have Apple, they now have Tegra 3 with Qualcomm and of course most of the US market is dominated by phones powered by Qualcomm’s S4 system-on-chip that comes with integrated LTE.

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