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Cooler Master Scout 2 reviewed

by on10 October 2012


The original Scout launched two years ago, but age has caught up with it. Lacking room and USB 3.0 connectors were reason for an overhaul and voila – the Scout 2 is here. The Scout 2 left a good impression – all in all it’s a well thought out and meticulously implemented mid tower case.

The Scout 2 kept the army-style looks but the company mellowed it out with some modern curves. Just like its predecessor, the Scout 2 has a carrying handle for easy transport.

There are some minute details that could be improved, such as dust filter handling and the likes, but the build and finishing touches are quality. It’s obvious that Cooler Master’s tradition is in good hands and the Scout 2 proves it.

Unfortunately, instead of beating the Scout, the Scout 2 falls short when it comes to cooling. However, it’s only because it comes with a single fan, while the Scout had three. CM Storm thinks most gamers go for the fans they choose and that stocking the Scout 2 with more than one was unnecessary. We must admit that we aren’t quite of that opinion, as we’d rather have the full package. 

While true that practically every inch of the case breathes quality, we’d say the pricing is a bit too steep. The original Scout is available for about €70, which is €20 less than the “new guy”. The price of €96 can buy you a HAF XM case that packs more room and gear.

Having said that, the Scout 2 is a quality case we’d recommend to any gamer or user looking for a quality mid tower case. In f act, the only reason we’d tell you to hold out for a bit more would be the price. If you find it at about €85, don’t hesitate to snatch it up as the Scout 2 will serve you well and for a long time to come.

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