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Downloading music and films legal in Portugal

by on28 September 2012

Complaints dropped

The Public Ministry in Portugal has decided that it is lawful to download music and movies on the internet through file sharing networks (P2P).

Apparently it is ok if the shares are not intended for commercial purposes. The Association of Commerce Cultural Audiovisual Works (ACAPOR) tried to file complaints  against 2,000 persons who shared copies of “cultural products” using file sharing in Portugal. However officials of the Department of Investigation and Penal Action (DIAP) said that from a legal point of view such file sharing was lawful conduct.

It only works if you are not sharing the files for cash, but then filesharers usually are not. It looks like the discoverers of the US, well after the Vikings, will find themselves in trouble as Hollywood demands sanctions, crucifixions and death camps.

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