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Sony thinks there is plenty of life in the PS3

by on26 September 2012

Should have titles for the next 2 to 3 years

John Koller is saying that there is plenty of life left in the PlayStation 3, and he has again called attention to Sony’s ten-year plan for the console.

Koller, who is the VP of Marketing, says that the PS3 has an incredible lineup of titles that are coming out over the next two to three years. Sony is expecting to support the PlayStation for the next few years as long as there is a development stream of titles still coming for the platform.

Sony can point to the PlayStation 2 as evidence that a console can still have a very active amount of releases in the late stages of a console’s lifespan. Although Sony has not yet said when they expect to be releasing a new console, it is obvious that they still plan to milk the PlayStation 3 for as long as they can. This likely means that we have not seen the last cost reduction to the console. While the Super Slim PS3 is small, it would seem that smaller yet is possible to achieve even more savings and drive prices of the console even lower.

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