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Borderlands 2 is a big winner

by on25 September 2012

Best title launch so far this year

Borderlands 2 is off to an impressive start. How impressive, you might ask? Well, it has the best sales numbers of any title that has been launched so far this year. Developer Gearbox and publisher 2K Games don’t seem surprised by the reception to Borderlands 2 or the 9s and 9-1/2s out of 10 that it has been scoring in reviews.

While we don’t know all of the numbers yet, we do know that it has already outsold the original Borderlands. Another fact that seems very interesting is that the Xbox 360 version of the game accounts for 71% of the copies sold. The PlayStation 3 only managed 22%, while the PC version has only been able to muster 7%, but that does not include digital copies, so the PC sales title numbers are actually higher.

With the sales of Borderlands 2 being so strong, some retailers are already talking about an exceptional sales finish for the holiday season with the number of excellent titles that are due to be released. We remain a bit skeptical; but the sales of Borderlands 2 does show that there remains a high interest in the popular titles.

Last modified on 25 September 2012
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