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iPhone to leak your details to airport security

by on20 September 2012


Who wants to buy a snitch?

Apple fanboys who take their phones on flights might find that their phone has told airport security all about them.
Jobs' Mob is unveiling Passbook, an app which organises e-boarding passes, flight reservations, coupons and other documents.

According to public U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has patented something which it says will allow you to check bags with your cell phone and passing through security by flashing an official driver's license or US passport displayed on your phone. Of course all this will be  protected by Apple's bullet proof security which has proved totally accessible to any one with the remotest of hacking skills. But since when did security ever stop Apple from patenting inovation.

The 2008 patent application was approved in July and filed under the working title "iTravel." The system will look after your boarding passes and give your location to the TSA in case you forget to show up for your flight.

While each traveller waits in line, TSA agents would examine the electronic ID at an electronic viewing station. At the X-ray stations, a traveler's phone would confirm to security agents that the traveler's ID had already been checked and the phone photo could be displayed on a screen for comparison with the traveller.

The TSA has not said whether it likes Apple's idea but there are a few problems with the cunning plan. The first is that you would have to prove that the phone was yours. You would still need to carry a passport because they have radio frequency identification chips. And it would have to work with trillions of Government authorities to get the idea approved.

In short, it is not going to happen. But if it does, then Apple will have patented it and can collect cash from who ever manages to push it through.

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