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Xobni is one Outlook utility worth using

by on06 May 2008


Think of it as inbox spelled backwards

Are you still using Outlook 2003/2007 at home or at work? Many people continue to complain about Outlook and what it can’t do, and don’t understand why it isn’t more user friendly. While Microsoft has made great strides in every version to make Outlook better, the truth is that some things in Outlook just do not do very well; being intuitive and able to help users understand their Email habits is one of those things.

This is about to change with the new Xobni plug-in for Outlook 2003/2007. While the name Xobni might sound a bit strange, it is nothing more than the word inbox spelled backwards. However, nothing is backwards about Xobni’s functions at all.

Xobni works in conjunction with Outlook to provide you with high-speed searching within your Email, threaded conversations, real Email analytics, attachment history, the ability to navigate your Email by people, the ability to extract phone numbers from Email, and an intelligent automatic scheduler.

While on the surface these concepts/features might not sound like they are all that revolutionary, the truth is that once you have a look at what Xobni can do, you will be sold if you are a heavy Outlook user that spends a lot of time doing Email. We have to admit that after trying Xobni for a day it really does have the ability to change the way that users interact with Outlook.

We are really big fans of the Email analytics that give ranking, graphs, and statistics as to how Email and contacts are used. This feature gives a good snapshot of how you are using your Email features and how people are interacting with you in Email.

We also really like the quick attachment discovery feature that gives a historical report of attachments sent without having to search for them. As with most Outlook users we spend a lot of time trying to find attachments that we have already sent, and this feature really streamlines the entire process.

Xobni is venture funded by Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Y Combinator, Atomico Investments, Baseline Ventures and several angel investors. We assume that while this version is a beta, the release version of the plug-in is going to cost something down the road. It is a tool that really can help users get more out of their Email, and we recommend that Outlook users have a look at what they have been missing.

Download the beta of Xobni by clicking here.

Last modified on 06 May 2008
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