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Pat Gelsinger was offered AMD CEO job

by on17 September 2012

But EMC pays better

For Intel losing Pat Gelsinger was as smart it was for AMD to let Dirk Meyer go. Pat was mentioned as the future CEO of Intel many times, but the Larrabee burden hung over him and someone had to pay the ultimate price for this pricey fiasco.

When AMD tried to find someone to fill Dirk Meyer’s shoes, Pat Gelsinger was approached, but since Pat was already next in line to become the CEO of EMC with a huge number or stock options and an amazing financial package, it was very hard for AMD to match that.

Sarcastic industry watchers would say that no one wants to be the captain of a listing ship but many still believe that there is hope for AMD.

Gelsinger would probably do a magnificent job as a CEO of AMD and he would have made a great Intel CEO too, but sadly that ship has sailed for both companies.

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