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Qualcomm eyes AMD graphics

by on17 September 2012

Easy fix for Windows RT drivers

Since AMD is not really in the best shape of its life, a lot of people that live and breathe the chip industry have been telling us that Qualcomm has a thing for AMD graphics.

Qualcomm already acquired AMD’s mobile phone chip division known under its Imagion name for pitiful 60 million dollars and few years later Qualcomm is showing its interest for the rest of AMD graphics, previously known as ATI.

Qualcomm is reportedly having issues with moving from Direct X 9 graphics in Adreno parts and we already wrote that Eric Demmers, the former CTO of AMD graphics, has the job of making sure that Qualcomm gets DirectX 11 and beyond as soon as possible.

Qualcomm graphics run worse than Nvidia’s, but the real performance winner is Intel as its Atom Clover trail parts despite the need for more power will run faster, at least in CPU intensive applications. Intel chips will run regular Windows, while the ARM alliance will only have Windows RT.

We are not sure if Qualcomm will acquire AMDs graphics division, but that would make quite a twist. If one asks what would AMD do without AMD graphics for future Fusion APU parts, the answer is rather simple, it could just license the AMD graphics back from Qualcomm or any other potential buyer.

That is what Intel does for Atom processor, Samsung, Apple, Texas Instruments and just about anyone else except Nvidia and Qualcomm does.

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