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More DRAM used in phones and tablets than PCs

by on15 September 2012

First time since the eighties

For the first time since the flashy eighties personal computers do not account for the majority of DRAM demand, Reuters reports.

Back in the early eighties most memory was gobbled up by mainframes and later servers, but the personal computing revolution kicked three decades of PC dominance.

However, according to the latest figures out of IHS iSuppli, tablets and smartphones have now managed to squeeze traditional PCs out of the top spot. In Q2 49 percent of DRAM chips were used to make PCs and by the end of 2013 the number is expected to drop to 42.8 percent. Tablets, smartphones and other devices will account for the rest of the demand.

The sudden shift clearly illustrates a shift in computing trends and it is expected to continue. Last week Intel was forced to revise its outlook, citing weak demand for its processors and many Wall Street investors are concerned that the launch of Windows 8 will not be enough to revitalize the PC industry.

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