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Go Daddy says hackers were not responsible for downtime

by on12 September 2012

We just stuffed up

Go Daddy has denied claims that an Anonymous backed hack was responsible for its sites going off line for nearly six hours earlier in the week. 

An Anonymous hacker stuck his hand up and claimed he was the person responsible for the service disruption that affected some of its more than 10 million customers. Anonymous denied the claim and said that the hacker who claimed responsibility currently thought he was in charge of the hacker collective so was probably a sandwich short of a cut lunch.

But Go Daddy interim Chief Executive Scott Wagner said in a statement that the outages throughout the day were caused by "a series of internal network events" that corrupted data in the company's networking equipment. One of those customers, online retailer, said it was down sporadically throughout the day which was pretty devastating.

Go Daddy sells itself as the world's largest web hosting company and also the top provider of domain names. It would not normally be a target for an outfit like Anonymous because it looks after small businesses rather than the huge corporates that the hacker outfit likes to target.

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