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BlackBerry sales plummet

by on12 September 2012

Carriers cut RIM shef space

Sales of RIM’s BlackBerry smartphones seem to be falling off a cliff. An analyst found that many carriers are reducing shelf site allotted to BlackBerry devices in their retails stores. Worse, some stores have no managed to sell a single BlackBerry in a over month.

Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette told AllThingsD that RIM sell through rates in the US are just one fifth of what they were just eight months ago. Furthermore, RIM was forced to delay the launch of BlackBerry 10 devices, so it will face a very tough holiday season.

However, RIM are still optimistic, well they have to be. RIM reps claim that carriers are still enthusiastic about BlackBerry 10 devices, but sadly it does not appear that consumers will be lining up for them if and when they finally arrive.

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