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Google Drive gets major update

by on11 September 2012

Folders, folders at last

Google Drive has been around for months, but it hasn’t exactly managed to eclipse Dropbox or offer the same cross platform experience.

The latest update seeks to remedy this, and the app is finally starting to feel grown up for lack of a better word. Back in April, we said Google Drive is a great service with a crap app. Not anymore.

The update finally brings document editing to iOS, something that Android users could enjoy from launch. Needless to say this should make collaboration involving people on both platforms much easier. Better yet, iOS users are now able to create folders and move them around.

The Android app also got a bunch of new features, including proper folder support, the ability to browse folder content by file type, comments and pinch to zoom in the doc editor. The ability to print files using Google Cloud Print and a vastly improved Google Presentation experience will also be appreciated by corporate users.

Basically the update addresses most shortcomings which kept up from recommending Google Drive over Dropbox.

However, we still have a bone to pick with Google. Android phone makers have been bundling free Dropbox or Box storage with their handsets for years now, but for some reason Google is not offering any freebies for Nexus users. Hopefully this will change with next generation Nexus devices, but we really see no reason not to bundle a few gigs of free Google Drive goodness with Nexus 7 tablets right now.

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