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F1 2013 last for this generation

by on05 September 2012

Next Gen for F1 2014 release is likely

Codemasters claims that it is unlikely we will see F1 2013 on the next generation of consoles when and if they arrive next year. Instead, the company will likely start with the 2014 version as the first for the next generation of console systems.

The way things are looking the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will likely get the 2013 version. The timing of the launch of both Microsoft’s and Sony’s next console isn’t yet known, but it very likely will arrive late in the year; and with the typical release of the F1 titles in September, the timing just isn’t going to line up.

When the next generations of consoles do arrive, the biggest target for Codemasters will be to double the frame rate to 60fps, which is something they will be aiming for. Is isn’t clear how far along Codemasters is at porting their racing engine over to the next generation consoles, but sources tell us they are already working on it.

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