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Point of View / TGT GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged SLI reviewed

by on10 September 2012


GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged ran at very high clocks. We managed to set the Base clock at 1113MHz (198MHz overclock), where maximum Boost clock was 1308MHz. We’ve seen that auto-overclocking runs great with the Low Leakage chips. In fact, the GTX 660 Ti Phantom overclocked to 1136MHz managed a Boost clock of 1292MHz, which is less than what TGT’s lower-clocked card is capable of.

Overclocking the memory by 200MHz (800MHz effectively) earned the GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged the kind of results we get with GTX 670 cards. For our overclocking, we sped up the fan to 80%.

Both GTX 660 Ti Ultra Charged cards showed the same kind of overclocking potential, which made our lives easier in SLI overclocking tests.

gpuz oc

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