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Iran and North Korea sign cyber treaty

by on04 September 2012

Co-operating against US malware

Iran and North Korea have formed a cyber pact which they claimed is designed to throw off Western aggression and malware.

Observers had already noted that the two international pariahs were cuddling up and signed a number of cooperation agreements on science and technology. The fact that both were subject to international sanctions and had little technology to offer each other meant that the move was pretty symbolic. But when you have Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Dalek, Kim Yong Nam, pointing out that the enemy of his enema is his friend and the two aligned goals people should be taking a little more notice.

Security firm F-Secure believes Iran and North Korea may be uniting to fight government-sponsored malware attacks such as Duqu, Flame, and Stuxnet. F-Secure security chief Mikko Hypponen said that both of these countries have clear interest in improving their cyber capability. And both of them have massive armies. Iran and North Korea have both armies that are among the 10 largest in the world.

Israel and the US have been involved in the development of at least one of three pieces of malware which have hit Iran and possibly all three. North Korea has a couple of ancient PCs and it uses these to attack South Korea with the Morris Worm.

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