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Haswell has on-die voltage regulator

by on03 September 2012

Fully integrated voltage regulator

Intel's next generation 2013 processor, currently known under codename Haswell, will come with one big innovation.

The job of a component named FIVR (Fully integrated voltage regulator) is to integrate legacy power delivery onto the processor package and die. Current processors in the market are working via PLL voltage regulators and even thou we don’t understand this part enough to brag about it, we know that Fully integrated voltage regulator will enable designs with less components and save manufacturers a few cents / bucks.

Intel clams that getting the FIVR on die / package will greatly simplify a platform power design and that it can consolidate 5 platform voltage regulators to just one. The Haswell will now come with input voltage regulator that takes to FIVR and this should offer a better arch flexibility and finer grain on die processor delivery control.

We are not sure if this is good or bad news for overclockers as modifying voltage regulator that becomes a part of a CPU is definitely harder than modifying one that is soldered on the motherboard, but it all depends on Intel’s approach. We are sure that Intel won’t abandon the overclocker community that easily and that 2013 Haswell parts will be designed with overclockers in mind.

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