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Apple and Google in secret appeasement talks

by on31 August 2012

Perhaps they should meet in Munich?

Google Chief Executive Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been conducting behind-the-scenes talks to see if they can reach an appeasement deal on IP.

The move will anger the ghost of Steve Jobs who wanted to waste his company's fortune going Thermonuclear on Android. However Apple has twigged that its patent battles with Samsung have not exactly killed off any of its rivals. Indeed the latest figures show that Samsung's Galaxy III have been outselling anything that Apple can offer thanks to the publicity of the high-profile court case.

Google on the other hand wants Android left alone by Apple's patent trolls. The rise of Android as a cheap product is being threatened by the fact that Microsoft and Apple have been patent trolling and Google has so far paid out. While Google has bought off Microsoft, Jobs' Mob has refused to move mostly because of Steve Jobs' ghost spilling lattes in the Apple staff cafe until someone goes thermonuclear.

But Reuters said that the two executives had a phone conversation last week and they are expected to talk again in the coming weeks. One possible plan is a truce involving disputes over basic features and functions in Google's Android mobile software. Google itself has a few patents it can use now that it has bought Motorola Mobility so Apple might be expecting an expensive mess.

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