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GameStop looking at vintage video game business

by on31 August 2012

Clearly an area where the company is exploring expansion

GameStop CEO Paul Rains thinks that the vintage video game business might be an area where GameStop should explore expansion. The vintage video game market is exploding, and all you have to do is look at eBay to tell that.

To that end, GameStop is apparently rounding up inventory and looking to make a splash in the vintage business, but don’t look for that to come to your local GameStop. From what we understand, at least to start with the company will drive its vintage business using its web site; maybe it will come to select stores in some markets in the future, but right now that is a long term thing, if it happens at all.

Rains does think that there is profit in the vintage business, but it will take some time for the company to get ready to execute. Don’t be surprised to see GameStop enter the vintage video game market.

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