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Vista ate my 10GB

by on30 April 2008


Windows Error reporting tool

After installing Service Pack 1, I wanted to check the free space on the tested computer and you can imagine my surprise when I saw that Vista actually ate more than 10GB of the hard drive space.

The exact, alarming amount of space is 9.35GB and it was taken up by the Windows Error reporting tool and this kind of tells you how many bugs we experienced in a few months of use of the system.

Obviously, we’ve deleted it but 10GB is a lot of space and theri error reports don’t really help, at least I don’t remember I have ever benefitted from them.

This might be a friendly reminder to go and clean your hard drives, as you might gain some significant space that is just a few clicks away. Storage is really cheap these days, but 10GB is still a lot of space.

Last modified on 30 April 2008
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