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Armored Kill DLC gets release date

by on28 August 2012

Next BF3 add-on to arrive in September

DICE and EA have confirmed the release schedule for Armored Kill, which is the next DLC pack for Battlefield 3. As with the last major add-on, when you will be able to get access to it depends on which category you happen to fall in.

PlayStation 3 users and well as Battlefield Premium members will get Armored Kill first on September 4th.. (As I am sure you remember, PlayStation 3 users get the Battlefield 3 add-on DLC content first due to the deal that Sony cut with Electronic Arts.)

Non-Battlefield Premium members on PlayStation 3 will be able to get access to it on September 18th. Those non-Battlefield Premium members on Xbox 360 and PC will have to wait till September 25th.

Armored Kill, as the name implies, will have a focus on vehicle combat with four new large maps. In addition, it will also add new tanks, ATVs, and mobile artillery. The add-on will also add two new game play modes called “Tank Superiority” and “Kill of the Hill” which are tank-only modes.

Pricing will be the same $14.99 for 1,200 Microsoft Points for those on Xbox 360. Of course, Battlefield Premium members have this add-on DLC included as part of their package for free.

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