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Perlman to leave OnLive

by on28 August 2012

On to other projects, apparently

Through a press release we have learned that Steve Perlman, CEO of OnLive, is leaving the company. While it isn’t clear exactly why this is the case, word is that he is departing to work on other projects. Charlie Jablonski, who is the former operations head, will apparently be taking over as interim CEO while venture capitalist, Gary Lauder, the new owner of OnLive, will become the company’s leader.

Lauder claims that the company has greater financial security and a bright future. Of course, it isn’t clear what that future is for the streaming provider yet. Lauder claims that he will continue to build the management team in key roles to deliver on the mission of breaking new ground in cloud gaming.

Still, we have few details of what the future is going to be for OnLive and what Lauder’s plan actually is. Sources tell us that the plans for the future are still evolving and they are not ready to announce anything yet. We will just have to wait and see what Lauder has planned, but we can’t help but think the company has more than a few challenges ahead.

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